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Cookies by Design
Cookies by Design create unique cookie bouquets for celebrations. The company has been going strong since 1983; Cookies by Design combines two popular gifts, flowers and cookies.

There are currently approximately 200 Cookies by Design franchise locations operating across the United States in addition to the e-store. Headquarters is located in Plano, Texas.

Categories for the gourmet gifts include:

Cookie Cakes

Cookie Trays

Gourmet Cookie Bouquets

Edible Custom Cookie Arrangements

Classic Cookie Gift Baskets

The cookie arrangements at Cookies by Design can be themed to certain gift occasions, including:



Thank You

Get Well


Wedding gift baskets

Seasonal cookie gifts

There are also specialty themes, such as:

Disney cookies

Garfield cookies

Gifts for her

Gifts for him

NCAA cookies

There are many other licensed designs for the cookie gifts as well. All cookies are specially made by Cookies by Design. The website currently only ships within the United States. Orders can be made online or over the phone at a toll-free number.

Cookies by Design is unique in the online cookie marketplace for these reasons:

The company is currently celebrating 25 years in business. The established reputation of Cookies by Design puts it ahead of other competitors who have been in business for a substantially shorter time period.

Cookie products can be personalized with a name or a special message. Few other websites provide this service.

All cookies are handmade, from the first steps of mixing the dough to hand decorating each cookie. Many competitors offer processed cookies or candy.

Delivers straight to the consumer's front door. There is ease for its consumers.

Consumers do not have to create an online account to place an order. For many competitors, creating the account is necessary first; consumers who do not want to create a user name and password will appreciate this feature.

The Corporate Gift Program is a unique feature of Cookies by Design. Cookies by Design provides corporations services such as personalized cookies, reminder services and ability to place multiple orders to multiple US addresses.
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