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Crazyinlove DE
As part of the purchasing process, you will be able to check your order and your personal details as well as being able to correct anything which is not to your satisfaction. You will be sent a confirmation email with the items you ordered and your personal details, as soon as our system receives your order. This document is considered to be your bill.

Our acceptance of your order is produced when the initial state of your order changes from "New purchase" to a different state. At this moment you will be informed by email and it will be confirmed in the "My account" section of the website. From this moment, the contractual purchasing relationship is considered firm by both parties.

We reserve the right to cancel your order in the following cases:

When the articles are not available due to error.

When we do not receive the payment or authorisation of payment.

If an error in the price or description of the item has occurred.

In the case of cancellation, we will inform you by phone or email of the reasons for the cancellation.
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