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Kerusso is a premier online retailer of Christian clothing and other products. Founded on strong Christian values and a devotion to spread the word of God, Kerusso features a vast selection of Christian T-shirts, jewelry, caps, toys, gifts and other Christian accessories. Kerusso is currently regarded as the leading retailer of Christian clothing and has become a choice store for artists, authors and film makers who need customized Christian clothing. Notable Christian apparels designed by Kerusso were used in the popular movies; Fireproof, Soul Surfer and Courageous just to name a few.

Kerusso was founded in 1987 by the company’s current CEO and President Kennett Vic. For 25 years, Kerusso’s mission has been to proclaim and spread the gospel of Christ through Christian materials such as T-Shirts. Although using Christian apparel has been Kerusso’s primary objective, the store also uses other products such as Christian caps, hoodies, toys, jewelry, gifts and other Christian accessories. Kerusso has earned a reputation for being the world’s leading retailer of Christian T-shirts. Kerusso headquarters is in; 402 Highway 62 Spur Berryville, AR 72616-4516.
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