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Motorcycle Parts and Accessories or Consolidated Motor Spares is a company based in the Netherlands that supplies parts for motorcycles. Cms supplies parts for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki brands. They also sell tuneup kits from Tokugawa and exhausts from Over Racing. Parts can be original factory parts or after market replacement parts. Cms carries parts from both discontinued and current cycle models.

The company saves money by only providing customer support through email. The company also no longer looks up part numbers. It is up to the customer to locate the part number needed. All parts are ordered by the manufacturer's part number. If you don't have this, the site offers several ways to obtain it. All parts the company has are listed on the website. A customer can request a part that is not listed; Cms will let the customer know if it is a part they can obtain. If a supported brand makes ATVs and other types of bikes, Cms supports parts for these bikes as well. An good example is Yamaha. Cms supports the ATV, Rhino, Blaster, Raptor, V max, R1 and Yamaha 6.

Since the company sells world wide, parts are clearly annotated in cases where different versions of a part were made for different parts of the world. The site explains how to decipher these world part codes. Shipping costs and taxes depend on the location the part is ordered from. There is a guide on the website to help sort this out. The site also provides access to conversion to other currencies. All parts costs are listed in Euros. Cms only accepts three major credit cards in payment for its parts. This could be a limiting factor for some customers.
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