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Tipsy Elves
At Tipsy Elves, we make clothes that make you smile! Our collections of award winning ugly Christmas sweaters, American flag clothing and collegiate apparel are truly one of a kind. The twisted half-pints from the North Pole have done it again with our 2015 collections!

This is not your typical store. In fact, at Tipsy Elves, we strive to be different. Our funny Christmas sweaters are designed from the bottom up, mixing traditional styles with modern humor. Our slogan is “Not your momma’s Christmas sweater,” and you’ll know why when you see our collection of tacky Christmas sweaters. At, you can easily browse our full collection of ugly Christmas sweaters, graphic tees, accessories and more. Tipsy Elves prides itself on being the number one ugly Christmas sweater retailer in the country and selling more Christmas sweaters than any company out there.

Here at Tipsy Elves, we’re known from the North Pole to the South Pole for having some of the funniest holiday apparel on the market. We’re the best at helping you look your best (or worst) all through the winter season. It’s not enough to mimic the awful hand-made monstrosities created by amateur knitters. Our sweaters put all other ugly Christmas sweaters to shame - well, by being shameless. We know you’ll find a style that really jingles your bells.

How did this whole ugly Christmas sweater trend get started? It all began in the eighties—a decade when many fashion disasters were born. It was a time of neon colors, parachute pants, cutesy Fair Isle sweaters, and far too much hair spray. Against this backdrop of hideous apparel, festive holiday sweaters in garish hues with excessive embellishment hardly raised an eyebrow. There were some TV show and movie characters who wore tacky sweaters that were a bit over the top. But it took a couple of decades before the ugly Christmas sweater concept faded to an object of nostalgia, primed for reincarnation as a tongue-in-cheek trend.

In the early 2000s, a couple of Canadian blokes revived the ugly Christmas sweater as a fashion statement in its own right. They even organized an entire party around the concept. The initial intent was to simply gather with a few friends and enjoy some eggnog and relaxed merrymaking. Yet today, this event has swollen to oversized proportions, with more than 1000 attendees gathering annually in the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. While Canada may have gotten its mittens on the idea first, the ugly Christmas sweater party soon caught on from the U.S. to the U.K.
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