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NovaBackup Software
We all know the concept of backing up your PC since the early days of Windows as well as Macs. The concept is simple, if something were to happen to your computer, you drop it, you get a virus, or something else, you’ll want your files to be safe. So, you can make a backup of your PC on an external hard drive with the files on your computer, so you don’t have to worry about losing all your summer vacation pictures, your work files, etc. But what if something happens to the drive your backups are stored on? You wouldn’t want to imagine having a fire in the house, destroying your PC and your external drive. This would destroy every single file you have on your pc, private as well as for work. There is one solution: cloud backups. NovaBackup 13 provides (among other things) backups to cloud storage, such as Amazon S3.

So, this is another backup tool. Who cares, we already have tons of them, right? What makes this one different? Well, there are several things.

First of all, you have automated backups. You can easily set up a schedule, and NovaBackup will create a backup automatically on the moments you selected.

Also, NovaBackup doesn’t only record the file name, but also its date, version and location, so you can restore any version of any file specifically.

It’s very easy to use, to create a backup, you just use the wizard, and all the rest is done for you.

And last but not least, NovaBackup restore complete PC restoration. This will create a disk image of your complete PC or laptop, so if you have total computer loss, for example from theft, you can restore all of your files, settings and software easily.
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