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Are you receiving unwanted or annoying calls on your cellular phone? Do telemarketers call you on your cellular phone even after you have opted-out? If your Service Plan does not cover incoming calls, you are paying to receive these unwanted calls. Do you wish there was a way to have a Call Screening, Caller ID or even a Caller-Block on your cell phone? Now you can!

A service called Trapcall stops all of these annoynances. It unmasks blocked or restricted caller numbers so you can identify the caller immediately. No more anonymous callers harassing, annoying or refusing to identify themselves. You can block blacklisted callers too!

With no software to install, Trapcall is a service that you set-up on the web to filter your incoming calls and more. With Trapcall you will be able to see and even control who calls your number.

With their Call-Blocking (available with all three of their low-cost monthly service plans) you place the caller's phone number on your Blacklisted list.
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