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Travel Guard
Travel Guard is a travel insurance provider. Its products include travel insurance and travel service plans.

Travel Guard is part of Chartis Inc. a world leader in the property-casualty and general insurance. Chartis serves more than 40 million insurance holders from over 160 countries.

Travel Guard offers the most comprehensive protection for travelers for both short trips as well as longer holiday trips. Clients can avail of Travel Guard coverage either on a per trip basis or an Annual Multi-Trip package.

Travel Guard’s insurance coverage includes among others:

Rental Vehicle Excess Charges and Return

Disruption Benefits

Repatriation & Direct Repatriation

Hospital Visit

Travel Cancellation

Travel Postponement

Travel Curtailment

Jewellery Coverage

Travel Delay

Flight Diversion

When traveling, it is important to have travel insurance to be ready for any fortuitous things that may happen. When you are purchasing a travel insurance you have to scrutinize the coverage, services and benefits included in the plan. Getting a Travel Guard by Chartis insurance will make you confident that you are well protected against anything that may arise in the course of your business or holiday trip.

Travel Guard by Chartis is above the competition because of its extraordinary customer service. Customer Service is available 24/7 and they assure that all calls are answered within 30 seconds by a highly qualified Customer Care Agent. Travel Guard likewise assures that all claims are processed fast and accurately within 72 hours from receipt of the claim and settlement is released also within 72 hours from receipt of all final documentations. Furthermore, all denied claims are automatically reviewed by a mediator as stated in the “Fairness Principle.”

Another factor that places Travel Guard by Chartis above its competitors is the 24-hour emergency travel assistance they extend to their policyholders. Travel Guard by Chartis is accessible through its too-free number from anywhere in the world and at all times. They are readily available to assist in any area of concern ranging from emergency assistance to get home to getting an emergency cash advance.
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