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Worth Ave. Group
The Worth Ave. Group has been insuring personal electronic property since 1971. During 40 years of business the Worth Ave. Group has been insuring consumers and schools throughout the U.S.A. They are licensed in all 50 states and the Hanover Insurance Company is the policy underwriter, adding further value and confidence to the electronic property coverage.

The insurance coverage spans damages and natural disasters such as fire, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and lightening. Other coverage includes theft and vandalisms no matter where you are located at the time of the theft or damage.

Premiums include a $50 deductible, which is the lowest deductible in comparison to other insurance carriers for these same commodities. Claims for damages, loss or theft all need to be filed with the local law enforcement as a record of the situation. As with all insurance policies there are terms, conditions and exclusions. Some of these exclusions consist of exterior protectors, cases and software for applications, data storage and records.

Products covered:




Cell phones


Gaming system

Digital camera

TV and

Student property



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